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Oral Surgery in Palm Harbor, FL

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Oral surgery can sound intimidating, but there's nothing to fear at Bow Tie Dentist. Palm Harbor dentist Dr. Saimon Ramos is a caring and compassionate dentist who will help you get through these procedures with ease, allowing you to just enjoy a perfect and healthy smile again.

What Is Oral Surgery?

oral surgeon in Palm Harbor

Oral surgery refers to any type of surgical procedure that is performed on the mouth, gums, or even the jaw. There are many different types of these procedures, such as bone grafts, tori removal, and extractions. 

Dr. Ramos will explain your oral surgery options based on what he discovers during your appointment.

What to Expect: the Oral Surgery Process

To begin, Dr. Ramos will recommend a specific type of oral surgery based on your dental needs. He will discuss your medical history, and ask you about allergies or medications you are taking. Then, based on your profile, you will also discuss anesthesia and sedation options. After your oral sugery process is complete, Dr. Ramos will walk you through the healing and aftercare process. He will send you special post-op instructions that can include pain management or changes in dental hygiene to allow the operated area to heal.

Common Oral Surgeries


A common procedure, extractions are also considered dental surgery. If necessary, Dr. Ramos will make an incision at the site to expose more of the tooth, then remove it from the socket.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts aim to repair damaged bone in your jaw by adding more bone tissue.


This procedure reshapes the jaw bone, and is usually necessary after multiple tooth extractions or tooth loss.

Tori removal

Tori are small growths that can occur along the jaw. While not dangerous, they can be uncomfortable, so they are often removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about oral surgeries? Find your answers here.

How do I know if oral surgery is right for me?

Dr. Ramos may or may not recommend oral surgery based on what he finds during your initial consultation appointment. Oral surgery is a serious procedure, and is only recommended when truly necessary.

What’s the healing process like after oral surgery?

Every patient is different, so depending on your treatment, healing times can vary. However, most oral surgeries may leave you with some discomfort or pain in the few days following the procedure. During this time, you’ll want to eat only soft foods, and avoid strenuous activities. You’ll probably feel back to normal after a few weeks, but some treatments, like bone grafts and implant placements, require several months of healing time. Dr. Ramos will provide you with detailed information about what to expect from your surgical recovery.

Does oral surgery hurt?

We’re proud to offer a variety of sedation options at Bow Tie Dentist, so during your treatment, you won’t feel a thing. You may experience some discomfort or pain in the days following your procedure, but most of the time over-the-counter medications are enough to make you comfortable. If pain persists or worsens after 72 hours, give us a call at (727) 789-1212 as it may be a sign of infection or other complications.

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