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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Palm Harbor, FL

restorE your smile with Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

If you are dealing with extensive dental damage, the Bow Tie Dentist provides excellent full-mouth rehabilitation services for everyone in the Palm Harbor area.

Get back a winning smile with the help of Palm Harbor dentist Dr. Saimon Ramos!

What Is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Palm Harbor full mouth rehab

Full-mouth rehabilitation is a process that involves several restorative dental procedures that work together to improve an individual’s oral health.

If a patient is dealing with multiple dental issues, a full-mouth rehabilitation allows them to access a plan that can effectively target all their concerns, and give them back a happy and healthy smile.

Not all dentists can perform full mouth rehabilitation since it involves expertise in a variety of different dental procedures. 

Luckily, Dr. Saimon Ramos is an accomplished dentist in the Palm Harbor area who specializes in these types of services.

How Does Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Work?

Full-mouth rehabilitation is a rather complex process that greatly depends on the specific dental issues the person is dealing with.

Dr. Ramos will first perform a comprehensive oral exam to fully assess your oral health and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Moreover, Dr. Ramos will talk to you about your concerns and smile expectations to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

During this assessment, you will get your teeth, gums, jaw muscles, joints, and overall dental appearance carefully analyzed.

Dr. Ramos may take x-rays, scans, and even molds of your teeth to gain a good understanding of your current oral health situation.

Full-Mouth Rehab Treatment Options

Full-mouth rehab plans can include a variety of dental procedures, depending on the oral health issues you’re dealing with, as well as your smile goals.

Patients usually need 2-3 of the above procedures. Dr. Ramos will be able to provide you with more details regarding your dental rehab plan after your oral consultation.

Palm Harbor, FL full mouth rehab

frequently asked questions

Am I a Good Candidate for Full-Mouth Rehab?

Full mouth rehabilitation is usually recommended for patients who have severe dental damage, have suffered trauma to the mouth, or are dealing with extensive tooth loss. People with jaw misalignment issues may also benefit from these plans.

However, to know for sure if full-mouth rehabilitation is right for you, it’s best to see Dr. Ramos for an appointment.

How Long Does Full-Mouth Rehab Take?

This greatly depends on what sort of procedures Dr. Ramos will recommend. Usually, patients will need several appointments to fully address all their oral health issues.

Will Full-Mouth Rehab Make My Teeth Look Better?

Dr. Ramos will listen to your concerns and see what your smile expectations are. Though full-mouth rehab is designed to improve oral health, these plans often include many cosmetic procedures as well to improve the smile’s appearance.

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