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Crown Lengthening  in Palm Harbor, FL

When you choose Bow Tie Dentist, you will be in expert, compassionate hands. If you have a gummy smile, you can count on us to perform a periodontal procedure known as crown lengthening. As a periodontal expert, Palm Harbor dentist Dr. Saimon Ramos is committed to providing the highest level of excellence and standard of care to ensure you have an even and healthy smile.

What Is Crown Lengthening

crown lengthening in Palm Harbor, FL

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that can be used for both aesthetic and restorative cases. The procedure involves the removal of excess bone and gingival tissue using lasers, scalpels, or both. Dental surgeons conduct the procedure by re-contouring gum tissue or bone, exposing more of your tooth’s surface. Crown lengthening is a common procedure that typically takes less than an hour.

Crown lengthening can be essential if your tooth cannot hold a prosthetic dental crown on its own. Broken teeth or those affected by tooth decay may hinder the crown from attaching firmly. Crown lengthening ensures the crown is fitted appropriately for comfort and better oral hygiene. The procedure is also popular for dental patients whose gums are visible above their teeth when smiling (gummy smile).

What Is The Crown Lengthening Process?

Oral Examination

Before performing the procedure, we will thoroughly examine your health to identify underlying conditions that should be addressed. If necessary, we will take a 3D scan to provide images of your teeth, nerve pathways, bone, and soft tissue. This allows us to make appropriate treatment decisions.


We want to make the process as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we offer sedation options, including nitrous oxide or oral sedatives, in addition to a local anesthetic. Once you are sedated, you will be ready for the procedure.

Crown Lengthening

Your dentist will make several incisions around your soft tissues to separate gums from teeth. Even if the re-contour is only needed on one tooth, neighboring teeth are typically treated to provide an even reshaping. Separating the gums allows the dentist access to the roots and underlying bone.

After-Care Instructions

After the crown lengthening procedure, your dentist will offer instructions to avoid complications. We strongly encourage our dental patients to follow ongoing maintenance, including regular cleaning. You should enjoy a fast recovery by following the after-care instructions and scheduling maintenance.

crown lengthening in Palm Harbor

What Are The Benefits Of Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a great way to improve your smile. It can help make your teeth appear longer, correct disproportionate smiles, and even be used as an alternative to braces for some patients. It can also improve the stability of restorations such as crowns and bridges. At Bow Tie Dentist, we provide safe, expert dental crown lengthening services that will leave you with a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

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Crown lengthening effectively addresses cosmetic and structural issues related to your teeth, gums, or jaws. It is essential to have a comprehensive dental workup to ensure crown lengthening is the best option for you. Our experienced team will evaluate your candidacy for crown lengthening and create a tailored treatment plan.


Our crown-lengthening services can help you acquire that smile that lets you stand out. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals with Dr. Ramos.


Generally, a crown can be placed within two weeks of crown lengthening. While you wait, the dentist will recommend you keep the area clean with regular brushing and flossing. After the procedure and the area have healed, we will fabricate a custom-made crown to restore your smile to full health.

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